8 May – Zero Economic Growth – is it possible?

Zero Economic Growth- is it possible?
According to the European Commission economic growth and job creation must be stimulated in the EU because it is the only way to finance our way of life. One of the recent Sustainable Development Goals adopted 2017 by the United Nations is “Decent work and economic growth”, at the same time there is strong evidence that a growing economy has clear negative environmental impacts. What would happen to the economy and welfare states if ecological sustainability demands that the pace of GDP growth is reduced to zero? How can we manage such a transition?
Listen to Mikael Malmaeus,who is a researcher at IVL, the Swedish Envoronmental Research Institute, speak about this transition. Malmaeus has published several articles and books on sustainable growth and environmental economics. He holds a PhD in Environmental Analysis at the Uppsala University and have also studied economics for several years.
Facebook event is HERE.
In collaboration with Folkuniversitetet.
Date: 8/5/2017
Time: 18:15
Place: Ekonomikum, Hörsal 2
Admission: Free for members, 60 kr for non-members. Become a member at the lecture, 100 kr for one year of membership!

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