UF Uppsala

Published February 16, 2023

A word from President Cecilia Chau on the Dag Hammarskjöld Lecture with Ms. Amina J. Mohammed is the Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations.

When Amina J Mohammed the deputy secretary general asked us, students, what we would like for her to bring back to the UN, I answered “For the world leaders to cooperate better so that we can have a more hopeful future ahead of us”. Hopefully, the world leaders can care about our future as much as Amina and we do.
She also said that we need to fight for our future, and nothing comes on a silver plate, which makes me even more motivated to do my best for our future. Amina J Mohammed is a big inspiration for many of us youth people including me. Her speech, work and her achievements are a big inspiration to us women and youth people.
I am beyond thankful to have had this opportunity to talk and discuss important global issues with her. This is something the younger me would never believe that I would’ve ever gotten the chance to meet someone cool and inspiring as Amina J Mohammed. I would never believe that I would get the chance to proudly present my board and the amazing work my board members do to the Deputy Secretary General of the UN. To be the president of an amazing association that focuses on spreading knowledge and awareness to young people and work with amazing people itself is an achievement. But meeting Amina J Mohammed and getting to talk to her and listen to her inspirational words makes me want to do even better.
Words cannot describe how thankful I am to everyone involved that gave me this big opportunity. Thank you so much.