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Our job in the marketing group is to ensure that external communications occur flawlessly and every single member gets to know about what we are planning to do at UF Uppsala, while we also reach out to new people to join UF Uppsala. We are in charge of the content creation, administration of the social media accounts, advertising, branding, content creation, and the information on the website.

In the marketing group we are actively looking for contributors interested in developing their skills in communications, social media management, digital marketing, media production (video, photography, and graphic design), public relations, and more.

If you love creating compelling narratives, producing gorgeous visuals, or you are interested in acquiring experience in anything related with professional communications, then then you might be interested in the marketing group.

The work with us might be the most challenging in creative thinking and adjusting to very tight deadlines, but the professional experience and portfolio that you create with us is a very rewarding asset that makes it all worth it.

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The Uppsala Association of International Affairs recruits activity trustees at the start of each operational year (around August/September). The marketing trustees work closely with the Heads of Marketing to organize the social media accounts, keep track of the advertising requests from other wings of UF Uppsala, and keep track on the best digital media practices to update the branding strategy. All of these tasks requires a lot of creativity, dedication and drive. If you want to take the biggest role, by May every year the Association elects the board for the nearest upcoming operational year, there you can become the next Head of Marketing.

The work in marketing group is often seen as very challenging, but in reality every previous team member has learned a lot on the way. If you are interested in the areas we work on, but have no previous experience, we are still interested in your drive and will help you boost your creative thinking and abilities.

Desirable skills:

  • Creativity, organisational management, project planning.
  • A positive approach to your work, drive and initiative!
  • A born negotiator that can manage de-escalation in communicational controversies. 
  • Be available to accommodate to potential tight deadlines.
  • Some knowledge in social media management, CMS (WordPress) management, Adobe Creative Cloud or Canva, photography, film-making and editing.

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