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UF Uppsala has 8 groups

Our operations are divided in 8 groups that specialize in different activities.

Members are always welcome to attend events, activities and all content produced from all eight groups. Membership is free and you can sign up any time. If you want to help us organize our activites, you might consider becoming a trustee. But if you are interested in joining the board, we might have the right vacancy for you, contac us and find out.

A bit cofusing? Don’t worry, we explain everything in detail down below!

We are always looking for people that want to get involved

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Who composes UF Uppsala?


Members of UF have access to our events, activites and produced content free of charge. If you become a member, you will have 1-year unlimited access to everything we produce as we strive to foster international debate.

There is no requirement for members to participate in the planning or any activity regarding the operation of the association. So it is up to the individual member to decide in what level of involvement they want to engage in UF and what activities and events they wish to enjoy.

As a member you can:

You can keep trac of our UF News section or follow us on social media to always be aware of all our activities for you.


UF Uppsala has trustees to be the right-hands of the board members and help out in the planning and execution of our operations.

As a trustee you have the opportunity to: 

You can find information about what type of trustees each group is looking for in the individual pages of each group. Remember that we value the intention to collaborate with us the most and previous experience in your chosen group is desired but absolutely not obligatory to apply as a trustee.

Board member

A board member is the highest level of responsibility in UF. We are responsible for all of the core decisions and operations of the association. The association’s board has a total of 20 board members, elected by the association’s annual meeting in April. Governance is decentralized and several of the board members have direct responsibility for each of the 8 groups, serving as Heads of the operations.

There might be positions available in the board for you to occupy at any point throughout the year, so check the latest news for vacancies or don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in becoming an influential figure in the decision-making process of the association.

As a board member you have the opportunity to:

We are always looking for members that want to get involved in the decision-making

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Since its foundation in 1948, UF Uppsala has been working to encourage debate on foreign politics and international affairs. We do this by arranging weekly lectures throughout the academic year, hosting a radio show, creating a magazine, organizing trips and study visits, and much more.