The operational year 2022/2023 is over.

We want to thank every single board member, trustee, and member of UF Uppsala for a successful year.

Lectures, debates, trips, radio podcasts, and much more. The efforts of every single one of us furthered international debate in creative and interesting ways.

Some of us are now alumni of UF Uppsala and our work is now a legacy of the 75 years of the association.

Take pride in your contribution and use your time in UF Uppsala to build upon your future career, you deserve it!

Special acknowledgement to Cecilia Chau, that during the last year led by example and tirelessly gave everything she had to offer to UF Uppsala. Your work is one for the books”

Congratulations to Daniel Demitz-Helin, President of UF Uppsala 2023-2024. During the 2022/2023 operational year Daniel served as Head of Lecture. Daniel together with co-head Tiffany Yang and their dedicated team planned significant and interesting lectures. Jan Eliasson, Tobias Billström, Stefan Löfven, and Johan Molander are some of the guests we had the pleasure to invite to share their insights in various global issues.

We wish the best of luck and success to the 2023/2024 board and team!

See you soon!