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Volunteer for Career Day 2024

UF Uppsala is now looking for volunteers for Career day 2024.   Career day is an annual event where we partner with institutions, organizations and companies to come and talk about growth opportunities and help you get insights into your future career. If you’re interested, send your CV and a brief motivation to careers@ufuppsala.se

Karriärsseminarium – Folk och Försvar

Delta i ett upplysande seminarium med talare från Folk och Försvar. Talare ska dela insikter om sina roller och reflektera över sin resa till där de står idag, omfattande både akademiska strävanden och professionella erfarenheter. Få värdefulla tips och reflektioner som kan forma din karriärväg. Datum: 13 mars Tid: 17:30 – 18:30   Introduktion Våra […]

Call for writers

The digital edition of Uttryck Magazine is now receiving pitches for articles in relevant themes of foreign affairs – you decide the topic. This is your chance if you’re interested in writing your own feature article for a foreign affairs magazine. Send your pitch to webbredaktionen@ufuppsala.se You can also ask your questions in that email […]

Lecture: The Long Shadow of German Colonialism – Namibian Perspective

Published February 24, 2024 March 618:15 – 19:30Ekonomikum, Sal 2 In the early 20th century, imperial Germany stood as one of the foremost colonial powers, boasting territories across West, East, and Southern Africa, China, and the South Seas. Following World War I, these territories were transferred as mandates to other colonial states. This lecture provides […]

75th Anniversary Jubilee Gasque

Esteemed members and alumni, The Uppsala Association of Foreign Affairs is pleased to invite you to its 75th Jubilee Masquerade, as we honor three-quarters of a century dedicated to fostering international debate and understanding of the world we live in. UF Uppsala has proudly hosted distinguished guests, organized enlightening lectures, seen animated debates, embarked on […]

Debate on Geopolitics and Trade

The sun has started to appear before we wake up, hence time to celebrate by debating geopolitics! How can countries affect each other economically and why would they? This will be our focus on Thursday. We will discuss everything from soft to hard power, i.e. free trade, sanctions, etc. Fika will be served as usual […]

Seminar – Careers Within Foreign Affairs

Join us for a Career Seminar! Uffice (Ekonomikum’s basement) February 29 18:00-19:30 Explore careers in foreign affairs, learn about opportunities, work life in the UD, and the transition from student to professional. Gain valuable insights, tips, and firsthand experiences to empower your journey. At our upcoming session, UF members can expect to gain fresh perspectives […]

New website

We have updated our website with a fresh identity and a rebuilt experience for all our members, as well as updated information.   Take a look, let us know to info@ufuppsala.se if anything important is missing.

Meet the Board 23/24

Published February 16, 2024 Meet our board members, a team committed to fostering dialogue and understanding in global affairs. Explore their diverse backgrounds and shared passion for international relations as they lead us towards meaningful engagement and impactful initiatives. Linnea Törnlund Age: 20 What do you study: Politics Kandidatprogrammet (Political Science) What languages do you […]